Reflexión sobre la vida desde Sri Lanka

sri-lanka-meditacionOtra videocreación, esta vez no simplemente como un recordatorio de viaje sino enmarcada dentro de un mensaje más profundo, reflexionando sobre la vida y el concepto del tiempo, pasado, presente y futuro. Sebastian Linda, plasmando las sensaciones de su estancia en Sri Lanka a través de la edición de vídeo:

We think of time as a one way motion. From the past, through the present, and on into the future. And that carries along with it another impression, which is to say, that life moves from the past into the future in such a way that what happens now and what will happen is always the result of what has happened in the past.
We tend to regard ourselves as puppets of the past, driven along by something that is always behind us. Because I want to turn the thing around and picture it the other way!
And say…, the past is the result of the present!
Flowers are brilliantly colored The Stars are gorgeous The smell of the earth and the sound of the rain. Everything is marvelous once again! Once again you see the other. The man, the woman that you love.

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