Fiesta, coca y putas con Tom Hanks


Uno de los videoclips más WTF de los últimos tiempos. El grupo ‘Buckwheat Groats’ ha utilizado para su último tema ‘Tom Hanks’ la imagen del actor junto a otras celebrities del celuloide, llevándolos a un mundo gansta de desfase y perversión.

Fiesta, coca y putas con Tom Hanks. Dejar sitio que ya está aquí el puto amo. Bitchs!!

Así comienza la letra de la canción:

You know, it’s a lot of great actors out there in the world. Vince Vaughn comes to mind, David Duchovny…
But there’s only one man you can call the greatest. Back to back Academy Awards, four Golden Globes…
And when it comes to this rap shit… bitch I’m Tom Hanks!

Hanks, Hanks, Bitch I’m Tom Hanks
In a league of my own, bitch I’m Tom Hanks
Hanks, Hanks, I think I’m Tom Hanks
Meg Ryan on my phone, bitch I’m Tom Hanks
Hanks, Hanks, Hanks, Hanks
Got that Nora Ephron white and that bomb dank
Hanks, Hanks, I think I’m Tom Hanks
Big money motherfucker boy I’m Tom Hanks

I’m Tom Hanks you’re not Hanks
How the fuck you gon’ stop Hanks?
8.5 billion at the box office, that’s top rank
My band of brothers got bands, we in the club and we flexin’
Make a movie with your bitch, Steven Spiel- Robert Zemeckis
Boy I’m Hanks’d up, double cup, higher than Jim Lovell was
I eat so many fuckin’ shrimp, I’m a VIP at the Bubba Gump
My money long, that’s the green mile, my pockets ready to blow
My weed extremely loud, your girl incredibly close…

tom-hanks-dispara putas-tom-hanks tom-hanks-balon tom-hanks-tetas